"Peaceful Lady" by Rebecca Rees

"Peaceful Lady" by Rebecca Rees


I studied illustration at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Hired by Disney Feature Animation Department was a dream come true. It was good fortune to be mentored by some of Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men, including Eric Larson, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson. Working as a key assistant, then animator, I found my most cherished calling in the area of story development and as a storyboard artist. Using the power of images to shape the emotions of story telling has been the foundation of my film work.

I worked nearly 20 years in the animation industry. Some of that time was spent working abroad. I feel that my personal artwork was influenced by my time living and working in Taiwan where I discovered the beauty of Asian brush painting. The simplicity, grace and uncluttered art form of sumi-e stayed with me even when I returned home.

Below is a summary of my professional resume:

Writer/Storyboard Artist:

Beauty and the Beast / Disney Feature Animation

By request of Producer Don Hahn, on earliest Story Development

Aladdin / Disney Feature Animation

Storyboards for Animated Feature.

Betty Boop / MGM / Zanuck

Storyboards for Animated Feature with Lili and Richard Zanuck Executive Producers.

Alvin & the Chipmunks / Bagdasarian Productions

Script for TV show entitled “Once Upon a Crime”

Thumbelina / Hyperion

Storyboards for Animated Feature.

Romeo & Juliet / The Calvert Company

Script for Animated Feature

Lady and the Tramp II - Scamps Adventure / Disney TV



The Brave Little Toaster / Hyperion

Directing Animator, Animation Development, Key Assistant Supervisor

Back To Neverland / Disney MGM Studios

Animator for award winning Live Action/Animation Combo Short.

Roger Rabbit / Walt Disney Studios

Animator on the groundbreaking Live Action/Animation Combo Theatrical Feature.

Quackbusters / Warner Brothers Animation

Animator on Theatrical Short

The Chipmunk Adventure / Bagdasarian Productions

Animator on Theatrical Feature

The Ewok Adventure / Korty Films

Animator for Special Effects sequences on Live Action/Animation Combo Feature.

Mickey’s Christmas Carol / Disney Feature Animation

Animator on Theatrical Featurette

As Assistant Animator:

Pete’s Dragon / Walt Disney Studios

Live Action/Animation Combo Theatrical Feature

The Fox and the Hound / Disney Feature Animation

Theatrical Feature

The Small One / Disney Feature Animation

Theatrical Featurette